Maker of Fine Decorative Laser-cut Wood Inlays!

The Laser Process

The Laser Process!

Dynamic Laser Applications pioneered the process of cutting wood inlays using lasers. All of our competition, who use this process, are followers and many of them are still in the research and development stage of their operations. After almost 20 years of doing this type of work, we have accumulated numerous tried and proven inlay borders, tiles and medallions, which are reflected in our standard product line. These designs are manufactured to order and are shipped within a few weeks. These are not veneers, which can be lost after one sanding and refinishing, after only 3-5 years . These are solid hardwood inlays with a life expectancy well over 100 years! 

Custom or new designs begin in the engineering department, and the design process takes advantage of our sophisticated and one of a kind computer technology. The toolpathing is created and downloaded to our powerful laser.

 A dying process is available for inlays requiring colors not found in nature. Parts are placed in a vacuum pot with a specially prepared dye. The dye impregnates the pieces completely. After the dye exposure, the pieces are placed in our dryer for approximately twelve hours. They are then sent on to the assembly department.

Once laser cut, the 5/16" thick wood parts are assembled as you would a puzzle to create the specific inlay design. Every species of wood requires separate cutting as most patterns have two or more species. All borders and medallions are taped and then they are ready to be glued to a specified thickness.

Our exclusive "Vac-U-Seal" process is used to bring the thickness of the inlays to your desired height. For a 3/4" floor, the adhesive is applied to a 1/2 inch thick 9 ply baltic birch substrate, and then, using a controlled combination of vacuum and heat, the inlay parts are pressed against the substrate. Finally, the inlay is boxed, and shipped to its new home!







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