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Panels - Dynamic Laser Applications

Fan Panel
37" x 52"
An elegant panel of a repeating fan design of Birdseye Maple bases, radiating Brazilian Cherry fronds topped with a Nogal border on a Quartered White Ash field. (This design available as an entire floor pattern.)

Center Geese Panel
16" x 24"
The center panel of the Geese Medallion placed on a field of Quartered Red Oak.

Heron & Egret Panel
36-1/2" x 24-1/2"
Red Oak field, Nogal reeds, Oak dyed green lillies, Holly, Amarillo & Nogal birds.

Lucerne Panel
12" x 42-1/2"
Padauk borders, Quarter Walnut trim, Teak inlay on a Maple field.

36" x 84"
A border of Quartered Red Oak with "Oreo" Nogal, Maple & Nogal placed on a field of Quartered White Ash. The center section of the rug is a field of Quartered white Ash with a trim of Nogal featuring Padauk florets and Maple accents.


Serpentine Panel
12" x 35" or 24" x 70"
Quartered Walnut inlays on a Maple field. 

Sierra Panel
18" x 52"
Trimmed in Nogal & Quartered American Cherry, the intricate center bands are made of Maple, Nogal & Paduak with centers of Padauk & Quartered Ash.


Galaxy Sun Panel
48" X 36" Qtrd. White Oak field, Qtrd. Walnut & Qtrd. White Oak border and sun.

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