Maker of Fine Decorative Laser-cut Wood Inlays!


Dynamic Laser Applications: The process' "founding father".

Dynamic Laser Applications consists of people who have a sense of ownership in supplying you with a product that meets or exceeds your quality of expectations. From the use of only the finest select woods available, added to our exclusive designs, then assembled, and on to our  exclusive "vac-u-seal" gluing process, we have put together the finest, most unique inlays ever offered. Just as important, we deliver ON TIME. Our mission is to supply the hardwood flooring industry with the highest quality, most unique borders and medallions available today and in the future. 

No one really knows just how old wood inlays are, but their popularity soared during the 11th century. During this Renaissance period, beautiful inlay designs were all hand made by use hammer and chisel. Wood inlays were once commonplace as everything was handmade. Wood inlay floors over two hundred years old are currently in use throughout parts of Europe providing testimony to its beauty and endurance.

The Industrial Revolution reversed the economic feasibility of the handmade concept and wood inlays slowly faded away. During the last one hundred years, few woods inlays were created by hand, but straight line cut inlays were easily achieved in mass production. Unfortunately straight line cut inlays were very limited and without the capability of improved technology anything else was not economically available.

Since our founding, over 25 years ago, others have tried unsuccessfully to duplicate our process by using canned software. We are proud not only to be the "founding father" of this process, but also to be the most nationally awarded and recognized manufacturer of laser cut wood inlays. Once again, wood inlays with imaginative designs and radius cuts are affordable and available.




Dynamic Laser Applications Has Your Custom Needs in Mind! 

  • Custom Creations
  • Laser Cut Patterns and Designs
  • Old World Craftsmanship at Affordable Pricing
  • Hand Selected Premium Exotic and Domestic Woods
  • State of the Art Design and Manufacturing Team
  • We are Driven to Achieve Professional and Personal Excellence - Please Challenge Us
  • Only Ecologically Friendly Wood Used  

We have pioneered a technology that exemplifies old world craftsmanship. In the beginning, we utilized the first 7 years toward research and development. Over 25 years later, we have exclusive software that takes advantage of such things as grain direction, maximum size of individual pieces to eliminate cupping, and the ability to provide any radius cut that is required. Coupling that software with state-of-the-art lasers, provides you with the most unique hardwood borders and medallions available today.




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