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Custom Projects Photo Gallery
You are limited only by your imagination!

17th Century Map of the World

Custom Borders made to fit any radius!

Show your state pride - Texas Star




Show your state pride - South Carolina's Palmetto & Crescent.


Poppy Medallion

Presidential Seal - New Mt. Vernon Museum

Department of Defense Logo 

Sea Turtle Medallion 

Wittenberg University Logo, Springfield, OH


Mother Earth Medallion - 31' Across


Arbor Compass with Custom Monogram




If you have a Custom Design you would like to see in your floor, please send us a drawing or photograph with the specifications needed and we will provide you with a cost and availability usually with a few hours!


Birth of Venus Medallion  

Octagon Ballroom Medallion

Chickasaw Nation Logo

Family Crests to your requirements

Golf Themes

A Medallion which takes up the entire room is possible!

Custom Celtic Medallion

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