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If your size requirements are different from those shown, call us at 800-849-8575 for a price quote on the desired dimension.

This 3" border makes a dramatic southwestern statement with Red Oak field and Walnut insert. The 5" corner block is reversed.

The 3" border features a Walnut 'crown' design on a field of Cherry. The 5" corner block matches with a Walnut design on a Cherry field. A royal treatment.

This delicate and tasteful 3" border features a Walnut 'fluted' design on a Maple field. The corner block is reversed, with a Maple flower on a field of Walnut.

Golden Gate
This 2-3/4" border features a 3 species design of Red Oak 'triangles' with Ash half-circles on a field of Walnut. The 5" corner block has an Ash center and Red Oak 'triangles' on a Walnut field.

A delicate vine of Walnut 'ivy' winds through a field of Maple in this extremly popular 3" border. The 5" corner block features a Maple insert in a Walnut field.

The 3" border and 5" square corner. Maple field and Santos Mahogany 'scrollwork' on border. Santos Mahogany field and Maple 'scrollwork' on corner block.

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