The Maker of Fine Decorative Laser-Cut Wood Inlays!

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 Solid Wood Medallions, Panels & Border Inlays.

Dynamic Laser Applications pioneered the process of laser-cutting wood inlays over 25-years ago.

Presidential Seal in Mt. Vernon Museum  

 The Saskatchewan Coat of Arms, Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina


 Antique Compass Design with Custom Monogram. Inspired by a compass used during the Lewis & Clark Expedition of 1803.


Kappa Alpha Fraternity-University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia


Arbor Medallion with Antique Heart Pine field

The Cigar Inn - Manhattan, NYC 

Dynamic Laser Applications is a Custom House Manufacturer and is committed to allowing our customers the freedom to choose a decorative inlay the way they want it. We will NEVER try to force a customer to choose what is in an inventory!

If you need custom panels, we have over 20 years of experience in making it happen for you in whatever design you need!


You are only limited by your imagination. Dynamic Laser Applications specializes in customizing your floor with whatever you desire!

Why not a 17th Century Map of the World?

    The size of the finished piece is 60" X 84"   












DLA hand assembles these pieces of art to ensure quality and fit. How can we make your floor unique?

Detail Unmatched in the Industry!

Customize a design to meet your needs!

All pieces are laser cut and then hand assembled assuring precise fit and finish! 
 Prefinishing is available! Ask your sales representative for costs and availability.       

Galaxy Medallion and Custom Border - Tokyo             

Arbor Compass installed under Spiral Staircase    


Custom School Logo-Wittenberg University  

Custom borders inlaid along side marble and wood!

 All DLA wood inlays are solid wood and NOT thin veneer. Beauty, which will last for a lifetime! 




















Nevada Sun - 36" Diameter

Nevada Sun II - 36" Diameter

Intricate Ribbon Panel
4" Wide X 12" Long

   Intricacy unmatched in the industry!


7 1/2" Ballroom Border with matching corner block


Our mission is to supply our customers with the highest quality, most unique, laser-cut decorative inlays available and to provide them in a timely manner.


44" Challis Medallion


18" X 44" Signature Medallion

Laser-cut wood inlays can be installed in a variety of different media. In this photograph, our Signature Medallion was installed into marble. Dynamic Laser Applications has fabricated wood inlays for installation into furniture, cabinets and wall hangings. Dynamic Laser Applications has the most experience since we are responsible for pioneering the process of laser-cutting wood inlays over 20 years ago. 

     An entryway for a residence in Martha's Vineyard
Fixed Point Residence in Martha's Vineyard

Customize a Star Medallion which meets your needs!

*Depending upon size of inlay, prefinishing of these designs is available. Costs and availability must be confirmed before ordering. When prefinishing is needed, Dynamic Laser Applications will require a sample piece of the flooring used so DLA may match the thickness and match the sheen of the finish.

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